Raceroom Racing Experience Competition Group 5 BMW


Today I'll speak of the Raceroom Racing Experience.

I tried it when sector 3 release the game in steam some years ago and i was not convinced.

After see some that another video on YouTube I try again and now is really awesome (although is with the content free).

Force feedback more than decent, good graphics and impressive sounds and when say impressive is that actually it are, never have heard in any racing game ones sounds so good and by my hands have last ones few (more than 20 years addiction with simulators).

The multiplayer is as in all the other games, everything non-iracing is bump & crash and above all with free content, they say that people are more serious with contents of payment (without a system of penalties such as iracing people are crazy). Probably buy the gt3 pack and European tracks and I will tell you.

Each time has some hotlaps open to the world competitions (even if you don't have that particular content you can participate). Here is where I wanted to go since I am going to show a video of this. An of those competitions that there is right now is the Group 5 in zolder (one of my favorite circuits), with impressive cars. I read news in which gave content to them 50 first classified but not is if was something timely or if it still doing.

Then I leave a video with the hotlap with this impressive BMW 320 Turbo in Zolder in which I got a time quite decent 1:30:273 with which I put in the position 16 of the world ranking. The view from the TV hotlap is awesome, I love the passage of the first chicane.

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